Grain Bag Packing Machine


-Weighing, filling and packing within 5 seconds.
-Weighing, filling and Conveying by one- touch.
-Suitable for different weigh bag lot production.
-Machine space is minimized with integerated control panel.
-Printer output document for account management.
-Large external display for easy supervision.

User Friendly Color Touch HMI








Easy change mode setting Accept/Reject indication
Operator can change different weigh bags without getting into precise setting. Accept and reject bags based on tolerance of weight.

Remote View Bag height adjustment
Manager can have a view of packing process at his desk. Simple gear hand wheel to adjust conveyor height for various bags.
Target and Bag Count Fault Diagnosis
Easy to fix target bag and count no. of bags. Builtin self diagnosis function to prevent trouble and down time.

Simultaneous falling Bag closure option
Both weighing can fill simultaneously to get odd packing weights. Plain closure / Fold over closure / Crepe Tape closure / PP Tape closure.


Model Bag Size
MWB 25D Width-195mm-500mm, Height-400mm-700mm
Weighing Materials Control method
Free Flow Grain Built in Micom
Weighing Method Power Source
Load cell type 3step gates (1unit) 3Phase, AC 415V, 2KW
Weighing Range Air Utility
5kg - 25kg (50kg - Optional) 400NL/Minute, 6kgf/ (Compressor-2.5kw or above)
Weighing Accuracy Machine Dimension
0.1% FSD 930(W)x1200(D)x1850(H)
Packing Capacity Machine Weight
10 - 14bag / min Approx 350kg
Packing Material Stitching Machine
Jute, PP, Non woven and paper Single/Double Stich (optional)